Café Delmas is happy to welcome you on Sunday for brunch from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m.
Do not hesitate to tell us on the reservation or by phone, if you wish to take advantage of our brunch formula or rather the menu”

Brunch 29 €

Warm Drink

Expresso, Café Crème, Hot Chocolate or Mariage Frères Tea


Patrick Font Juices

Orange or Apple or
Detox Juices C’JUICE (Carrots, Ginger, Apple)


Mini Pastries, Toasts with Jam and Butter,
Pancakes with Homemade Spread


English Muffin with Ricotta, Marinated Salmon and Poached Egg, Little Chicken or Vegetarian Burger
Sweet Potato with Cream of Cheddar Aand Fried Onions


Chia Seed with Soy Milk, Fresh Pineapple and Mango Coulis, Banana Bread like a Frendh Toast with Salted Caramel

Happy Hour From 5 to 7 pm

Glass of Red Wine (21cl), Aoc Bordeaux, Picot Bellevue



Glass of White Wine (21cl),Igp Méditerranée, le Titi Bio et Vegan


Glass of Rosé Wine (21cl), Île de Beauté Domaine Gaspa d’Oru


Beer (50 cl), 50cl House of beer


Classic Cocktails: Apérol Spritz (14cl), Moscow Mule (15cl), Mojito (28cl)


Non Alcoholic Cocktails, Virgin Mojito (18cl)

The Delmas